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Safeguard your intellectual brand property with Brand Protection Services.

Curb the theft of your brand elements and secure your revenue, customer loyalty, and market share with Wersel’s brand protection services.

What is Brand Protection Service?

Impersonation attacks are actual, and things may begin to go south pretty soon if you fail to contain such attacks. The imposters use your data and brand elements to steal valuable data and money from your loyal customers and ultimately tarnish your brand's credibility. Therefore, Wersel's Brand Protection Services ensure that your enterprise successfully withstands such impersonation attacks and the dignity of your brand remains intact.

Wersel's robust & stellar brand protection services ensure the safety of your brand's unique identity and reliability on the internet. We keep a tight check on your brand's intellectual property abuse by the imposters. Our brand protection services effectively curb the issues associated with phishing scams, counterfeit products, and look-alike goods.

While the conventional methods to protect against brand infringement are limited to legal boundaries, our brand protection services are goal-oriented. We work on multiple fronts rather than sending notice after notice to ensure brand protection. Our services emphasize providing 360-degree protection to your brand from combing and cleansing the targeted market to safeguard consumers' interests and delivering impactful solutions.

Services include

Intellectual Property Protection

The imposters infringe on intellectual properties like the brand's logo, design rights, color marks, patents, etc., to create look-alike goods, counterfeit websites, phishing scams, and spurious products. Why? To leech on the brand's revenues! Therefore, Wersel employs highly intense tactics to protect your brand's intellectual properties.

Revenue Safeguarding

More than 3% of the world's total trade comprises counterfeit goods, more than 500 billion US Dollars! Therefore we protect your revenue by identifying and eliminating fake websites, dubious ads, unauthorized listings, etc. It redirects genuine consumer users to your authentic products and safeguards the revenue.

Channel Safety

Our channel protection solutions help you acquire complete visibility and monitor what your consumers see and authority to remove bad actors that may mislead the consumers. We keep your funnel in immaculate condition by improving CTR & ROI by controlling the leakage. Wersel ensures your growth and protects your consumers.

Trust Protection

An online survey indicates that approximately 50% of consumers lose faith in a brand after buying a counterfeit product on the internet. Therefore, we monitor the internet and identify the infringement threats to initiate a risk removal mechanism to safeguard and protect your brand's identity.

Why Partner with Wersel Workdesk?

Wersel houses teams of experts that are highly seasoned and proficient and provide protection to your brand. We intensely prioritize detecting infringement online by finding unauthorized listings, fake websites, and spurious social media pages, followed by validating and authenticating the infringement. Once detected and validated, we launch the enforcement mechanism to shut down the spurious resources. Here are the benefits of hiring Wersel's brand protection services-

We run customized market surveys, sampling, and verification

We check the authenticity of infringement by gathering intelligence

We detect modes and types of infringement

Design and implement tactical enforcement plans

Thorough document verification

Tracking fake products, websites, social media pages, and other infringement resources

Want to protect Your Brand?

Fortify brand reputation with our comprehensive brand protection services, only at Wersel.